IoT Course Curriculum

1. IoT Course Curriculum
  • What is IoT - In-depth explanation
  • IoT Applications in different domain
  • How large is the IoT Market in different domains?
2. IoT Architecture
  • Architecture
  • Tech Stack.
  • Protocols
  • System Navigation
3. Sensors
  • What is Sensor & Actuator?
  • What is good sensor?
  • Sensor properties.
  • Types of sensors
  • Sensor Demo - Proximity and IR sensors
    4. IoT world
    • Latest updates in the IoT industry.
    • Available IoT alliances details and the standards that are getting evolved
    • Multiple IoT applications and solutions available in market
    • Multiple IoT platform ( hardware) example ARM Mbed, Intel, Free scale etc., comparison and usage
    • Multiple IoT software and cloud platform, Components of a Platform, Usage, comparison. IoT eco systems build around these platforms. IoT platform and our experience about IoT platform building
    • Details about your IoT platform
    5. Demonstration of business Use case
    • H/w pieces
    • IoT platform configuration - BCC - Client, Device, Rule, Alarm, Device Data, Event
    • Sensor data being sent to IoT platform
    • Actuation through BLE
    • Visualization through real time dashboard
    • How the problem gets solved through big data and visualization
  • What is cloud?
  • What is cloud computing?
  • Benefits of cloud.
  • History of cloud computing.
  • Deployment Models.
  • Top cloud providers.
  • Service Models
  • Service Catalogue
  • Different Services from Amazon
  • Advantages for different offerings
  • Our learning in selecting the right service provider
7. Cloud Computing & Data Analysis Web services
  • Web services
  • Why Web Services.
  • Types of Web Services.
  • RESTful web services.
  • Design Principles.
Introduction to the Big Data and Big data technologies and stream processing.
  • Cloud data storage
  • Introduction to BigData
  • BigData Definition and Characteristics
  • Who is Generating BigData
  • BigData Analytics
  • Why BigData Analytics
  • Applications of BigData Analytics
  • Different Data Stores
  • BigData Technologies - CouchDB, MongoDB, Node4J
Visual Analytics, predictive analytics.
  • Analytics
  • What is Visual Analytics?
  • Visual Analytic Tools for Big Data.
  • Predictive Analytics.
  • Predictive tools for Big Data.
8. Design considerations and IoT Security
  • How secure is IoT?
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Key aspects for Securing IoT solutions
9. IoT Opportunities
  • Brainstorming on opportunities and how they can be realized.